Vision,Mission, Values & Objectives


Our vision is to attain 100% customer satisfaction worldwide through continual quality improvement of our products.


To understand and satisfy customer’s wants and needs, we always try to add value, reduce costs and provide innovative thinking for improvement of our product quality, with world class compliance and working standards.


To our customers we offer

• A commitment to provide best quality product and timely delivery
• Production of world-class quality leather, meet the requirements of customers with
competitive price and up to date fashion trends
• Quick response to the expectations of our valued customers in terms of quality and
product development

To our employees we offer

• A desirable and rewarding place to work
• Provide motivation for team work and career development
• The opportunity to grow to employee’s maximum potential
• Sufficient offsite and on the job training

To our shareholders we offer

• Attractive return with minimum risk of their investment
• A commitment to continuous improvement and adding value through all activities and
managing resources.

To our suppliers we offer

• Easy terms of trade
• Payment within due time


• 100% on time delivery of the services to our valued customers
• 100% accuracy in documentation
• 100% customers acceptance of our services as valid and usables in accordance with
their requirements
• Overall reduction of cost by 2% every year
• Reduction of customer complaints by 10 % every year.